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Engine Mounts (Tech Tip)

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Engine Mounts (Tech Tip)

Post  Admin on Thu Jul 14, 2011 3:16 pm

The purpose of Engine/Motor & transmission mounts: Most mounts make by metal and rubber, many newer model mounts are filled with hydraulic fluid, some advance hydraulic mounts comes with electronic variable speed control by ECM (engine control module). The basic design are the same to support between engine, transmission and sub-frame. They work hard to keeping engine and transmission running smooth minimizes the amount of rattling and vibration from acceleration and stops. At the same time mounts are supporting all major power train system keeping all mechanical components in balance level and position.

Broken Engine Mounts
Broken engine mount or excess play can caused vibration and rattling noise at acceleration and stops , broken engine / transmission mounts can caused Transmission oil seals leaks, internal bearing failure, axle failure, air intake hose broken, and more...
How to inspect engine & transmission mounts:
1) First visually inspect for cracks and any liquid spill out from any mount. If yes replace them.
2) MAKE SURE PARKING BRAKE IS ON. Have an assistant fully depress the brake pedal with the transmission in gear from forward to reverse, while you looking underneath of hood or underneath of the car checking all the mounts has excesses movement, clunking sound, cracks or broken, etc. If yes replace

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