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Oxygen or Air Fuel Ratio Sensor (Tech Tip)

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Oxygen or Air Fuel Ratio Sensor (Tech Tip)

Post  Admin on Thu Jul 14, 2011 3:00 pm

Oxygen or Air Fuel Ratio Sensor located in the exhaust stream near to the engine. It measures the amount of oxygen in the exhaust gas.There is a direct relationship between the air-fuel mixture of oxygen in the exhaust gas. The oxygen sensor determines whether the exhaust is too rich (fuel level high) or too lean (oxygen / air level high). Oxygen sensor immediately sent signal to ECM (engine control module). The ECM then continually signals the mixture control to deliver a richer or leaner to deliver a richer or leaner mixture during the engine operation.

Oxygen sensor are one of the most commonly replaced engine input sensor. A sluggish or defective sensor can make an engine run rich and waste fuel A bad sensor can increase emission, caused the vehicle fail to emission test. If check engine light is on, engine computer stored a trouble code for Oxygen or Air fuel ratio sensor heater circuit failure or problem, It usually have an open circuit internal of the sensor, the sensor can be test with an oms meter to verify within the specification. If out of spec the sensor need to replace, if within the spec further diagnose is


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