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Mercedes shifter selector repair Guide and Video

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Mercedes shifter selector repair Guide and Video

Post  8thvision on Tue Nov 13, 2012 2:11 pm

Removing the shifter assembly
Remove the shifter knob

Use a hammer or mallet to force the shifter to unlock

Remove the cover that sits directly under the shifter knob and unclip the electrical harness.

Remove the outer cover, this cover comes off with upward force this cover also has an electrical connector.

Remove the 2 front retaining crews for the center console.

Move both seats to their most forward position.

Remove the cover and retaining screw on both sides of the rear of the center console.

Gently Remove the air vent trim on the rear of the center console.
with the trim removed the air vent should freely come out. be sure to disconnect the electrical connector.

With access to the inside push out the bottom cover from the inside.
Pull out the wiring harness and disconnect all electrical connections, these are all important as they can be damaged when moving the center console if still connected.

Move both seats to their most rear position

The center console is ready to come off.

Lift the rear at about a 45 degree angle, with the ashtray flap held open begin to pull the console back with a little upward force, take care not to overly twist the console.

Move air vent up by forcing the front of each side up please note the vents do not need to be removed simply hold them in place once you have access to the shifter assembly

Undo the retaining bolts and unclip all wiring harnesses.

Disconnect the shift cable at the front by undoing the mechanism, do not pull or yank on this cable.
the assembly is held in place by a small notch on the bottom, use a light and maneuver the assembly it slides off of the notch freely.

Repairing the shifter assembly

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