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How to install: Maxima / I30 / I35 Seat Track Gear (Installation Guide)

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How to install: Maxima / I30 / I35 Seat Track Gear (Installation Guide)

Post  8thvision on Mon Jan 09, 2012 6:46 pm

This guide is for 2000-2003 Nissan Maxima, 2001-2003 Infiniti I30, and 2001-2002 Infiniti I35 Seat track gear, please note. This Guide only applies to trims with Power Seats. {this Guide is also located in "Infiniti" instillation guides}



Tools Required: Please note these will vary for each model.
8mm - 20mm Socket set
15-40 Torx Set
Philips Screwdriver
Flat head screwdriver

Removing the Seat

Move the Driver Seat to all the way forward, Remove both primary mounting bolts. Raise seat assembly to find the Harness to seat
electrical connections, for an easier job label each connection using either colors, numbers, or letters. once you are certain you can remember each connection, disconnect every seat to harness connector and remove the seat from the vehicle.

Place the entire seat assembly on a dry, clean, flat surface. Position it so you can access the bottom of the seat. Undo the seat bottom's carpet flap and take out the four bolts. Then, take out the top screws from the right hand and left hand side finishers. Unplug the seat sub-harness connector.

Replacing the Gears

Put both the seat rails back into their farthest rear position, disconnect all connectors within the harness, then one at a time Remove each Motor and Track Rail together take care not to damage the seat track or motor.

Separate Motors from track rails by removing the locking pin and pulling the track from the motor housing, use firm steady pressure, avoid yanking, (please note some models do not have a locking pin, visually inspect the motor housing before attempting to separate the seat track and motors if you are unsure) Once the Tracks and motors are separated the primary track gear is visible, visually inspect gear to assess its condition.

To remove the gears, apply any plastic safe lubricant to the gear end of the seat track, again using firm pressure slide the gear off the track. If you are unable to remove the gear by hand you may use a small flat head screwdriver to pry it out, please note however, the seat track can be damaged by excessive prying force, please keep in mind the gear is being replaced damage caused to the gear itself is irrelevant.

Once the gear is removed use a clean rag and rubbing alcohol to clean the gear end of the seat track, be sure it is free of debris and dry with a clean cloth. Once dry re-lubricate the end using gear grease, and slide the new gear on, by hand apply even pressure and push the gear into position, if you are having difficulty you may press a small deep socket against the gear and lightly hammer it into position, again take care not to damage the gear or track.

Replace the seat track in the motor housing, use small clockwise and counter clockwise twists to until the gear sits properly, this can be felt by hand as the motor will resist each twist once the gear is set correctly, once in replace the locking pin. once the locking pin is set manually twist the track again, please be sure the track is properly set, if it is loose or improperly set the motor can strip the new gear.

Once the Tracks and motors are reassembled, replace them on the harness assembly. before reconnecting visually inspect all connections for any damage, replace or repair any damaged connections before continuing. Once satisfied reconnect all connections.

With the seat track and motors secured and the connections reset, Place the seat inside the vehicle reconnect the connectors and secure the seat in the same order it came off.

Insert the vehicles key and turn the ignition to "ACC" or "ON" and test the seats function, Please note testing the seat track while the seat is not securely mounted is not recommended, this could cause damage the the gears and tracks, and will also be inconclusive, the motor may function but without any weight or pressure you will not be testing the gears function. Be sure listen to the motor function while moving the seat to its furthest positions.

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